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Pre-historic terracotta bull head found in Hyderabad India

Historians found an oxen head made of terracota material and a pendant near the megalithic site at Naganuru in Siddipet, Telengana, India.

As per the historians the findings could be of the pre-Satavahana period. Most modern scholars believe that the Satavahana rule began in the late second century BCE and lasted until the early third century CE, although some assign the beginning of their rule to as early as the 3rd century BCE based on the Puranas, but uncorroborated by archaeological evidence.

The origin of the dynasty is uncertain, but according to the Puranas, their first king overthrew the Kanva dynasty. In the post-Maurya era, the Satavahanas established peace in the Deccan region, and resisted the onslaught of foreign invaders.


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